​​​Partnering with WTAP and the Congolese, Matthew and Alenga with the jersey reveal in Phoenix! 

​These girls at the Torah Day School can really play soccer! Freekicks balls and practice nets through donations gave them a kickstart for competitive games! 

FALL 2019

​​​Matthew elevates Freekicks by building a new team, FC CONGO, and brings the Congolese refugee community in Phoenix even closer.  Creating the logo and providing the jerseys was the start to sponsoring this Phoenix refugee team with uniforms, gear and registration to become a premier team in a competitive adult league. Freekicks is the proud soccer partner for the Welcome to America Project.  


Arizona Congolese Soccer Team

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Phoenix Rising FC Youth Soccer:

Thanks to everyone who dropped by the Freekicks tent today. Through your continued support and generosity we collected hundreds of soccer gear items! 


"Rising Together"


FC CONGO ... Making IT, Real.  They are now a competitive team in Phoenix, with a determination and talent to succeed on and off the pitch. So proud to be a part of this "rising" with them and WTAP. Three years ago this was just a dream! (Follow on Instagram @fc_congo_az.)


Visiting these amazing kids with full soccer gear for them to kick off their lives in America. 

​​The FC Congo Team is Now Official

         Ongoing Projects for Communities          

Giving kids a free kick at soccer

​​At Freekicks we are committed to service by teaming up together in communities to make a difference for the greater good into the future.

Connor repping FC CONGO at the University of Virginia


Where we are today...


Arizona Congolese Soccer Team

CLICK To Find Them Here!

Empowering the Congolese Community

in Arizona: 

We founded this team together with the core belief that community comes from the sense of responsibility we have for each other. To the Congolese, community is the heartbeat of life, and to make the most of the life given us is accepting the life God wants to give us.

                                          -Matthew White