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Help us make a difference in our local and global communities by giving kids "free kicks" to be able to play soccer. Donate your gently used or new soccer equipment. Free up your equipment space or donate new equipment and give kids the chance to play this amazing game with safe, substantial soccer gear.

Giving free kicks


Projects Kick-Off and Ongoing

  • Collect equipment and donations from local soccer clubs, high schools, and individuals
  • Collect equipment from soccer players who want to free up space for their new equipment
  • Deliver equipment to schools and charities in need locally and outside of the U.S.
  • Give organizations opportunities to offer soccer as an activity for their kids
  • Interact with kids and communities by playing soccer


Matthew White 


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club and varsity soccer,

Brophy College Prep 2023.

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Connor White


club and varsity soccer, Brophy College Prep 2019, University of Virginia 2023.

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Giving kids a free kick at soccer

Locally, nationally, and internationally, our GOAL is to give others the opportunity to play soccer.  Playing soccer has been a big part of our lives, so we want to share that passion with other kids. Soccer is healthy for the mind, body, and soul. It's universal. It's a sport that brings communities together. This organization was founded upon the core belief that we can make a positive difference in others' lives.

Our outreach extends to organizations in the U.S. and other countries needing soccer equipment  for orphans in Guatemala, building a new team for the Congolese, refugee communities, refugee families, and underserved schools. We collect gently used or new cleats, soccer balls, and other soccer gear. We kicked off our projects in 2016 and are committed to serving communities with ongoing projects into the future!

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Soccer is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, so soccer equipment is in high demand.  Many kids aren't able to play or play safely because they don't have any cleats ("kicks"), soccer balls, or other soccer gear. Some have to make their own soccer balls from scraps. Some don't have any shoes. Help us give kids the chance to play the sport that brings out their inner strength and joy. We are all teammates!


A free kick is a method of restarting play in a game following a foul made by the opposing team, giving a team the chance to kick the ball for a GOAL. Our goal is to recycle soccer gear to give kids the chance to play soccer.​​

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